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79 Kč
Slovakay gnocchi with cabbage ...
89 Kč
Roasted pork cubes with potato...
95 Kč
Vegetable risotto with shredde...
79 Kč
lentil with fried egg and cabb...
Monday 20. 1. 2020
Vegetable broth and oyster and potatoes 23 Kč 
Cumin soup with eggs 25 Kč 
Slovakay gnocchi with cabbage and smoked mea 79 Kč 
Roasted pork cubes with potato dumplings and spinach 89 Kč 
Vegetable risotto with shredded beef and rucola 95 Kč 
lentil with fried egg and cabbage salad 79 Kč 
Chicken steak cheese sauce oak salad, french fries 109 Kč 
Pork spicy noodles with vegetables, jasmine rice 125 Kč 
Pappardelle Pomodoro with parmesan cheese 99 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Tuesday 21. 1. 2020
Chicken broth with vegetables and roasted peas 23 Kč 
Winter ginger - pumpkin soup 25 Kč 
Roasted potatoes with smoked pork and cheese, cucumber 79 Kč 
Chicken perkelt softened with cream, dumplings 89 Kč 
Sea pike gratinated with cheese and Tyrolean bacon, tomato bulgur 95 Kč 
Buckwheat mushroom risotto with cheese 79 Kč 
Grilled chicken marinated steak with roasted vegetables and chips 109 Kč 
Deep-fried pork schnitzel with ham, cheese and celery, mashed potatoes 145 Kč 
Tuna tuna pasta, parmesan 99 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Wednesday 22. 1. 2020
Vegetable soup 23 Kč 
South Bohemian kulajda with egg 25 Kč 
Beef on mushrooms with rice 79 Kč 
Chicken legs on paprika with boiled past 89 Kč 
Turkey pilaf with, sun dried tomatoes, cheese 95 Kč 
Fried broccoli with boiled potatoes sprinkled with spring onion, tartar sauce 79 Kč 
Chicken roll stuffed with vegetable stew, mashed potatoes 109 Kč 
Grilled pork liver grilled with fries, tartar sauce 125 Kč 
spaghetti with pea pesto, cheese 99 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Thursday 23. 1. 2020
Chicken broth with spinach custard 23 Kč 
Bean cream soup 25 Kč 
Grilled sausage with pea mash and fried onion 79 Kč 
Roast beef on vegetables with bacon and tomatoes, rice 89 Kč 
Steak of pork neck with bulgur rissoto with green beans 95 Kč 
Pumpkin pancakes with sour cream 79 Kč 
Chicken Twister with Iceberg Lettuce, Garlic Dip, French Fries 109 Kč 
Grilled Norwegian salmon with sea salt and sesame, and roasted quarters potato 145 Kč 
Gnocchi in quattro formaggi sauce with chives 99 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Friday 24. 1. 2020
Beef broth with noodles 23 Kč 
Pork cream croutons 25 Kč 
Pork shoulder baked on tomatoes, specle 79 Kč 
Beef cheeks in mashed potatoes 89 Kč 
Risotto with Chorizo sausage, corn and cheese 95 Kč 
Fried mushrooms with boiled potatoes, tartar sauce 79 Kč 
Grilled pork cutlet, sprouts with bacon, herb bulgur 109 Kč 
Grilled chicken steak with grilled vegetables and potatoes 125 Kč 
Tagliatelle with garlic-basil pesto, parmesan cheese 99 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY