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Monday 24. 2. 2020
Vegetable broth with pasta 23 Kč 
Potato soup with mushrooms 25 Kč 
Fried feta cheese, boiled potatoes, tartar sauce 79 Kč 
Beef noodles on ginger and chilli with couscous 89 Kč 
Caesar salad with chicken and anchovy dressing 95 Kč 
Ducat cakes with vanilla cream 79 Kč 
Pork neck steak with bacon, baked potatoes 109 Kč 
Chicken leg with garlic and herbs, turmeric potatoes and stewed peas 125 Kč 
Pasta alla caprese with mozzarella and basil 99 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Tuesday 25. 2. 2020
Chicken broth with tarhana 23 Kč 
Pea cream with croutons 25 Kč 
Pork meatball with mashed potatoes, cucumber salad 79 Kč 
Potato gnocchi with chicken pomodoro sauce with basil and garlic 89 Kč 
Beef frankfurt roast, bread dumplings 95 Kč 
Stuffed potatoes with spinach and cheddar cheese 79 Kč 
Pork noodles with Asian vegetables, jasmine rice 109 Kč 
Beef Pho Bo soup 145 Kč 
Chicken Mexican tortilla with beans and vegetables, sour cream and cheese, French fries 99 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Wednesday 26. 2. 2020
Beef broth with vegetables and noodles 23 Kč 
Frankfurt soup with sausage 25 Kč 
Smoked meat with horseradish sauce, bread dumplings 79 Kč 
Fish fillet baked with blue cheese and boiled potatoes 89 Kč 
Turkey roulade with onion cabbage and potato blocks 95 Kč 
Gnocchi with mushrooms and onion 79 Kč 
Thai style beef satay, rice noodles 109 Kč 
Meat mix grill (pork neck, turkey slice), baked potato, lettuce 125 Kč 
Pasta with pumpkin and garlic topped with Parmesan cheese 99 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Thursday 27. 2. 2020
Vegetable broth with egg light 23 Kč 
Sweet potatoes with croutons 25 Kč 
Beef balls with ginger and tomato sauce, pasta 79 Kč 
Chicken ragout with beans and vegetables, steamed rice 89 Kč 
Pork steak with camembert and cranberries, baked potatoes 95 Kč 
Risotto with beetroot with blue cheese and thyme 79 Kč 
Turkey slice on curry with pineapple, potato chips 109 Kč 
Salmon tournedos, mashed potatoes with orange slice and corn salad 145 Kč 
Spaghetti aglio olio 99 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Friday 28. 2. 2020
Chicken broth with pasta and vegetables 23 Kč 
Minestrone 25 Kč 
Chopped pork, boiled potatoes with chives 79 Kč 
Wild chicken slice with mashed potatoes 89 Kč 
Indian chicken curry with vegetables, basmati rice 95 Kč 
Buckwheat risotto with mushrooms, smoked Edam cheese 79 Kč 
Fried pork pocket stuffed with cheese and ham, croquettes 109 Kč 
Roastbeef with spicy onion jam and roasted potatoes 125 Kč 
Tagliatelle with turkey cream and peas 99 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY