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99 Kč
Poultry risotto sprinkled with...
Monday 21. 9. 2020
Davel meatloaf with mashed potatoes and pickles 109 Kč 
Poultry risotto sprinkled with cheese, pickles 99 Kč 
Chicken leg stuffed with mushroom stuffing, mashed potatoes 109 Kč 
NORWAY: Tuna steak with grenaile potatoes, lettuce 169 Kč 
Pizza Capricciosa- (sauce, mozzarella, eidam, ham, mushrooms) 129 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Tuesday 22. 9. 2020
Spicy cod pieces with vegetables, mashed potatoes 99 Kč 
Chicken steak baked with peaches and cheese, french fries 119 Kč 
Gypsy lamb noodles, paprika tarbon 129 Kč 
SWEDEN: Swedish meatballs with pasta and pomodoro sauce 109 Kč 
PIZZA Mexico - (sauce, mozzarella, eidam, hot peppers, salami) 129 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Wednesday 23. 9. 2020
Turkey steak with honey and chilli, potato ducats, garlic mayonnaise 129 Kč 
Lasagna bolognese baked with bechamel sauce, sprinkled with parmesan 109 Kč 
Fried camembert with boiled potatoes and tartar sauce 119 Kč 
ICELAND: Sea bream (whole fish 400g) - with grilled beets, baked potatoes, lemon 169 Kč 
PIZZA Margarita- (sauce, mozzarella, eidam, basil) 129 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Thursday 24. 9. 2020
Bagels filled with cottage cheese, topped with vanilla cream 99 Kč 
Pumpkin potato pancakes with ratatouille vegetables 109 Kč 
Pork tenderloin with Demi-glace sauce, mashed potatoes 149 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY
Friday 25. 9. 2020
Beef sirloin in cream, bread dumplings 109 Kč 
Fried pork chop with boiled potatoes sprinkled with chives 119 Kč 
Spaghetti Agllio-olio peperonchino, sprinkled with Parmesan 99 Kč 
DENMARK: Danish chicken with cream and carrots, boiled potatoes 119 Kč 
PIZZA Ham- (sauce, mozzarella, eidam, ham) 129 Kč 
Od 1.1.2020 NOVÉ CENY